Window washers liability insurance

Protect Your Employees and Business with Window Washers Liability Insurance

If you’re in the window washing industry, whether you wash windows as an independent contractor or you own a business and have employees, injury can be one of the most frightening hazards in the business. Risky footing or window fixtures that have been recently constructed or modified can be additional hazards that you and your employees face, and having window washers liability insurance that provides for medical costs and greater insight into how claims should be handled is essential.

How can excess liability insurance help your business in the event of an injury?

  • Bodily injury liability insurance can help your business fulfill legal obligations. If your employees or others are injured during the course of a window washing job, your company may be responsible for the cost of medical bills, lost earnings, pain and suffering, and other related damages. Having specifically tailored coverage that can best answer these claims and help your employees get back on their feet can be one of your strongest assets in keeping your business running smoothly and keeping your business reputable so experienced washers want to work with you.
  • Insurance companies are familiar with how to best handle claims of bodily injury. Different states and even different counties and cities can have different regulations regarding bodily injury and your obligations as a business in a bodily injury claim. Let your insurance company investigate and scrutinize claims sufficiently so your legal obligations are fulfilled without additional financial damages caused by rushed settlements or unique circumstances.


Window washers can face bodily injury more often than in most other businesses, and that means there are more national and state laws, regulations, and precedents to navigate through in the event of a claim or lawsuit. Make sure both your employees and your business are protected and contact Evolution Insurance Brokers here to find out more based on your state and region.

Rick J. Lindsey
Rick Lindsey

President, CEO and Chairman