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High Risk Commercial Truck Insurance

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Jimmy Salmans

Jimmy Salmans

email: jimmys@eibdirect.com
phone: (801) 472-3803
fax: (801) 233-5257

High Risk Commercial Truck Insurance

When it comes to the trucking industry it can be very difficult to handle a claim or other issue that may have occurred.  We want to make sure that you are able to find insurance for your company if you run into any of those problems.  High risk commercial truck insurance is one of the things that many companies are not willing to write any more.

Another very difficult part of trucking insurance can be finding coverage for different types of cargo that your company may carry.  If you are carrying refrigerated goods, animals, jewelry, or any other type of item that many insurance companies will refuse to even consider it can be very hard to keep your company going.

If you have run into some claims, a bad safer score, problems with drivers, or any other plethora of problems that you can run into in the trucking industry it can be very discouraging.

We here at Evolution Insurance Brokers will help you overcome any of the above problems.  We can take care of any insurance problem that you may have.  We are willing to insure any company regardless of claims, drivers, insurance history, type of cargo, or any other high risk reason that you may be given by other carriers.  We try to make it very easy to get a quote as well.  We are able to provide quotes very quickly.  So if you are about to be cancelled or on your last hope give us a call because we can help in the most dire of circumstances.  We will continue doing everything we can to customize your policy and make it easier for you.

If you would like to have a quote at any time or are in any of the above circumstances, give me a call.  I can provide a quote over the phone.  You can also email me if you would like to see a quote.  If you have ever struggled finding high risk commercial truck insurance, I can help.

Rick Lindsey
Rick Lindsey

President, CEO and Chairman