High Risk Trucking Insurance

The trucking industry has recently gone through some major changes…  It has become very unfortunate because many of the companies that are considered high risk have almost become uninsurable.  It has become extremely hard to find high risk trucking insurance.  As time goes on the industry seems to be at the point of getting harder and harder as far as insurance goes…  How does an independent truck driver end up finding insurance, or a new truck driver that is struggling to find insurance as it is.  Once they are hit with a safer violation or another issue there insurance is in jeopardy of being cancelled.

Many times over insurance companies are cancelling trucking companies from their insurance due to loss history, insurance history, high safer scores, bad driving records, not having enough experience driving, and a plethora of other reasons…  The bottom line is it is becoming harder and harder for truckers to find insurance that will cover them after they have had any of these types of issues.  When it comes to time to renew many of these companies are also finding their renewal is not being offered because of their previous history…  It can very disconcerting trying to handle all the different problems that continue to arise with the trucking insurance world, and navigate through all the details of finding insurance…  How can a person expect to find insurance after all this?

We here at Evolution Insurance Brokers more than anyone else, can truly understand the ins and outs of the current “hard” market for the trucking companies.  We are able to help any trucking company with their insurance.  We will offer insurance regardless of claims history, insurance history, driver age, driving experience, amount of trucks, or any other reason that can be given to somebody that would make them “uninsurable.”  If you have run into a huge roadblock trying to find insurance give me a call.  I can help with high risk trucking insurance and get you back on the road, or keep you on the road.  Let me know if I can help and I will be there to help.  Thanks for reading.

Rick J. Lindsey
Rick Lindsey

President, CEO and Chairman