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Jimmy Salmans

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Contractors Insurance NY

Contractors Insurance NY

Generally speaking getting contracting insurance can be very easy.  Unfortunately contractors insurance NY is something much harder to find.  As the market continues changing in the insurance world, it is becoming very apparent that most companies are not willing to offer the needed coverage for New York…  In New York there are many things that make this difficult.  The ever changing laws in New York with insurance cause many contractors to just throw their hands in the air.  It has become such a problem to find a company that will write all the specified insurance requirements that overall the market has fallen apart.

Action-Over Insurance

So that leaves many contractors scratching their heads.  Finding coverage for action-over, correct limits, waivers of subrogation, and many other needed insurance has become almost impossible.  Finding an insurance company that will not limit the height of a building is getting harder to find.  There are many other restrictions that I haven’t even mentioned, but getting coverage for all this is kind of a maze…

So what can a person do that is running into all these problems with construction defect insurance, action-over, building height restriction, and the onslaught of further restrictive coverage?  Many insurance companies just want to write what they will write and not offer any apparent solution.

General Contractors Insurance

We here at Evolution Insurance Brokers understand these problems and can provide a solution to all of this.  Taking a partnership approach and providing the insurance that is needed is most important to our company.  Reviewing your business and it’s needs to give you the coverage needed is very important.  We will also take into account the many exclusions that other companies may have denied you on, such as action-over type of coverage.

Providing a solution for all these facets of insurance is our specialty.  Finding insurance for a contractor shouldn’t be as difficult as it is.  We can help in this process.

If you have been struggling to find insurance, or have issues with your current insurance not covering what you need covered we can help.  High risk commercial insurance, is our business.  Our company will help you through the whole process.  Our claims management team is specialized for this type of coverage.  if your company is suffering from any type of claim situation, or you just can’t find the needed coverage, we will get you taken care of.  We don’t deny any company and we will provide your company the coverage you need.  Contractors insurance NY is our specialty.  Let me know if I can help.  Give me a call or send me an email and I know I can get you what you need.


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