High Risk Commercial Insurance

One of the hardest things to find is an insurance company that is willing to provide coverage to a company that is high risk.  It can make it especially taxing for any type of company that is just starting up or trying to get into a new line of business.  High risk commercial insurance makes things that much more difficult when in consideration of a business paln, and what you are going to do.  Many of the main factors come down to claims with most insurance companies, and most of them just aren’t willing to take a risk on a business that could inevitably cause their business to fail.

There are usually many reasons given by insurance companies as to why they won’t insure a high risk company, but most of them have to do with either the claims that they may have had in the past, the insurance history they have had, and most importantly what line of business the company is in.  There are many recreational companies that fall into this category.  They have a very difficult time finding insurance, some transport companies can fall into this, and even on the professional liability side, you could still be considered high risk.  With all the talk about how high risk a lot of the companies are out there any more, it certainly can make finding insurance an uphill battle if you fall into one of these categories.  How are you supposed to be able to find insurance that will cover your business, if no one will offer any coverage?

At Evolution Insurance Brokers we specialize in insurance that is out of the “norm.”  We will take all types of companies and insure them, whether they are the new start company, the company with many claims, or even the company that is offering services that are far out of the “box.”  As the insurance world continues to tighten their string on coverage we are ever expanding.  We can help with your high risk commercial insurance.

I can help you get a quote within 24 hours of receiving your application.  Give me a call directly if you are having trouble finding insurance.  Thanks for reading.  To the success of your business.

Rick J. Lindsey
Rick Lindsey

President, CEO and Chairman