Evolution Insurance Brokers is a preferred provider of specialty liability insurance coverage for repossession and towing companies. Many carriers drop in and out of the class writing business for a limited time. We understand the business and recognize gaps in coverage and liability risks such as on-hook towing, wrongful repo, assault and battery, risks in transportation of goods, firearms, personal liability risks of employees, security personnel, as well as animal liability risks associated with guard and watchdogs. These are just examples of the expertise and knowledge Evolution Insurance Brokers presents for your Repo, Towing, Garage Keeper’s Legal Liability and Direct Primary coverage. We have provided a stable marketplace for over 30 years and will continue to offer products, services, and the best options for repo and towing.


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Know the Facts


Approximately 2 million Americans take out an auto title loan each year. High interest rates of 300% or more are charged resulting in a high rate of repossession and long repayment periods.


One out of every five auto title loans results in the borrower’s car being repossessed.


Even the best of intentioned repo professionals can open themselves up to situations where they could be charged with violations, including property or bodily injury.

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