With our Tenant Legal Liability coverage, landlords and property managers have an easy-to-manage solution for tenant-caused property damage losses. This includes customizable limits of liability for fire, smoke, water damage and additional causes of loss.

This fully customizable policy adds an additional layer of protection to your current coverage. One policy can protect all your properties within a state, and you have total control over the policy, so your tenants cannot cancel or stop payments. With virtually no paperwork and no follow-ups or tracking involved, this is the property owner’s dream turn-key operation.


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With Tenant Legal Liability, who owns the policy?

The owner/landlord/property management company actually owns and controls the policy.

What is covered with the policy?

The policy protects the property from tenant caused damages. Including but not necessarily limited to fire, water and smoke damage.

Who pays for the policy?

The owner/landlord/property management company is responsible for payment of the policy, as well as any deductibles.

Can I charge my renters for the policy?

You should always check with your local laws, but typically you can increase rent for additional expenses to the property.

What coverage does the tenant get?

Tenants’ are typically held liable for the damage they cause. Since most tenants don’t have the means to pay for a significant loss, your property insurance policy incurs the loss, and your premium is likely to increase. With TLL in place it decreases their liability.

Won’t my property policy cover these same damages?

Most, but not all property policies cover damages that are tenant caused. The problem is that you end up paying for the damage, not the responsible party.

Is this renters insurance?

No, this is not renters insurance. Renters insurance is purchased by the renter and commonly covers, but not limited to liability and personal property.

What else can I get covered?

EIB is affiliated with Prime Insurance Company, who has the flexibility to cover you on anything allowed by your state insurance laws.

Is this force placed coverage?

No, you are not requiring your tenants to get insurance at all, you no longer need to. However; you should strongly recommend that they get insurance to cover their own personal property.

Why do landlords require their tenants to get insurance?

On a renters insurance policy the renter usually gets around $10,000 of coverage, whereas the landlord gets $100,000 coverage or more.

How much additional work will this create for me?

If you currently have a program in place, chances are you are keeping track and monitoring at least one policy for every unit. With TLL you may be able to be covered for every unit/tenant with one policy per state. Small companies usually spend less than 1 a month, large companies 1-3 hours.

What does this mean on the leasing office level?

No more tracking and monitoring tenants’ individual policies. The only base you have to cover when at tenant moves in is to strongly recommend they get insurance for themselves.

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