Roofing Contractors Insurance


Roofing Contractors Insurance – Customized liability insurance for roofing operations. EIB is a full-service excess and surplus lines brokerage with risk management expertise and a partnership approach that takes into account all factors, including risk and previous loss, to deliver the best solutions for coverage. EIB has a 24-hour claims hotline for fast, fair claims handling.

We do NOT provide workers’ compensation.

Who We Can Help

  • Roofing Contractors
  • Siding Contractors
  • Specialty Contractors

Coverage Includes

  • Business Auto (not available in all states)
  • Commercial Liability
  • Equipment Coverage
  • Excess Medical
  • Fail to Tarp or Protect the Property
  • General Liability
  • Hot Tar & High-Risk Applications
  • Professional Liability, D&O, E&O
  • Assault & Battery Liability
  • Alleged Sexual Abuse & Molestation Liability
  • Wrongful Acts


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roofing contractors insurance

Questions to consider: When is fall protection required? Fall protection is required when a roofer is 6 feet or more agove a lower level. It is also required for certain areas and activities; such as ramps, runways, walkways, hoist areas, unprotected sites, and overhand bricklaying Questions to consider: What causes a roofing accident? Roofing accidents may be caused by the lack of safety equipment, roof collapses, ladder falls, falling objects or debris, scaffolding collapse, malfunctioning equipment, slip and fall from roof, or electrocution Questions to consider: What materials will be used for the job? Whether you’re installing/repairing shingles, metal, tiles, wood shake, slate, or asphalt roofs, you are at risk for falling, electrocution, burning or puncturing yourself, or being struck by an object.

Know the Facts

roofing contractor

More than 150,000 Americans require medical treatment as a result of roofing accidents every single year. Source

roofing contractor

The roofing industry is expected to grow to $5.3 billion over the next several years. Recovery in the commercial and industrial segments are projected to increase in roofing demand. Source

roofing contractor

Roofing employment is expected to grow more than 10 percent by 2022. Source

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No risks are bound until expressly accepted by EIB, upon receipt of all requested information and the return of the applicable premium. In most cases, premium financing options are included with the quote.

There are no minimum premium requirements.