EIB provides mountaineering insurance coverage for the outdoor industry all across the United States. With mountaineering insurance, we will offer flexible underwriting, risk management expertise, and outstanding claims results for general liability and professional liability.

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  • Mountain Guides
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  • Backcountry Skiers, Heli-Skiers, Alpine Skiers, & Classic Ski Tours
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  • Rock Climbers and Ice Climbers
  • Split Boarders
  • Riggers
  • Individual Guides and Companies
  • Custom Trips
  • and more!
mountaineering insurance

Know the Facts

mountaineering insurance

Most mountaineering accidents occur in the rugged mountainous states of WA, CA, WY, CO, and AK. A likely reason why these states have the most mountain accidents is that they not only have the greatest area of climbable terrain, but they also have a high number of “trophy” peaks, which attract an outsized proportion of non-locals who are often overly eager to get to the summit. Source

mountaineering insurance

58% of climbing accidents were from roped climbing. 42% were from unroped climbing. 12% of the accidents were involved in a belaying incident and 4.5% were from a rockfall incident. Source

mountaineering insurance

In 2013, the year most recently surveyed, Accidents in North American Mountaineering reported 143 climbing accidents in the United States (Accidents covers technical rock, ice, and mountaineering incidents. Hiking and other general outdoor mishaps are not covered.) Source

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