Motocross is a sport with an inherent risk that can lead to incidents and claims.  The skill set, the speed, the turns, the racers, and bikes can cause serious injury. EIB has written customized motocross insurance policies for 25+ years providing direct access to in-house underwriters, risk managers, and claims expertise.

Most motocross insurance policies do not provide coverage for participants of the sport while practicing or competing.  Even when a participant signs a waiver it doesn’t mean that he or she cannot file a lawsuit.  If you do have someone file suit that does have a waiver, you will need an insurance company that is going to defend you. The waiver is an important part of the plan and designed to help protect your company if an incident, claim, or worst scenario should occur at your track.

What Does Motocross Insurance Cover?

  • Commercial Liability
  • Participant Coverage
  • Practice or Racing
  • Special Events
  • and more!
motocross insurance

Know the Facts

motocross insurance

Nearly 70% of nonfatal injuries occurred in patients 16 and under. Source

motocross insurance

Most Motocross injuries occur during race events, but since the advent of Freestyle Motocross (FMX), injuries during tricks and ‘Big Air’ stunts have become more common. Source

motocross insurance

Almost all (95%) motocross riders have experienced an injury at some point in their careers. Injuries have been more common as a direct result of freestyle motocross where tricks and stunts are prevalent. Source

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