If you have experienced some accidents and have been hit with claims, making it tough to obtain or maintain coverage, we are here to help with inflatables insurance. We are experienced in providing coverage for inflatables with substandard claims histories and other difficulties. Indoors or outdoors, we create customized commercial liability policies specifically designed for your inflatables business that will keep you operating and defend you in the event you are named in an incident, claim or lawsuit. Get commercial liability coverage with Evolution Insurance Brokers today.

What We Cover

  • Bouncy Houses
  • Inflatable Slides and Waterslides
  • Inflatable Basketball Hoops
  • Inflatable Mechanical Bulls and Wrestling/Boxing Rings
  • And more!


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inflatables insurance

Know the Facts

inflatables insurance

The CPSC says 82,203 people were injured on inflatables between 2008 and 2013.

inflatables insurance

More than 90 percent of inflatable amusement injuries were linked to moon bounces. Of those injuries, two-thirds involved people’s arms and legs. Another 15 percent of injuries affected the head or face.

inflatables insurance

Nearly 9 out of 10 people injured were 14 years old or younger.

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Supplemental Documentation

No risks are bound until expressly accepted by EIB, upon receipt of all requested information and the return of the applicable premium. In most cases premium financing options are included with the quote.

There are no minimum premium requirements.