We are dedicated to insuring specialty, hard-to-place property and casualty risks. Providing unique solutions for risks that are denied by other markets. Many have found us to be a valuable resource for their business that cannot be found elsewhere. Our underwriting expertise lends itself the ability to underwrite specialty insurance of all kinds. Concerts, special events, pyrotechnics, marches, protests, parades, and events with thousands of spectators have obtained coverage from us.

Whatever the degree of risk or difficulty, we will provide customized options and deliver a quote on the risk. Click here to see samples of our hard-to-place risks.

Over the years we have insured thousands of interesting and high profile events. In comparison, we have also insured small local events for just a few hours — in both cases providing customized specialty liability insurance to cover the risk. Additionally, our in house legal staff has successfully managed over 20,000 specialty liability, professional, property and casualty insurance for specialty risks, such as:

  • Contractual Liability
  • Wrongful Acts
  • Weather
  • Prize
  • Cancellation Coverage

What to Submit


Driving Schools
Fairs & Fairgrounds
Family Entertainment Centers
Franchised Powersports Dealers
Horse Tracks

Independent Car Clubs
Performing Arts Centers
Race Teams
Skating Rinks
Special Events
Theme Parks/Themed Attractions
Zipline Courses
Zoos & Aquariums


Cancellation Coverage
Contractual Liability

Wrongful Acts