Homeowners coverage can be difficult to obtain particularly if there is a claims history, property value change, bankruptcy, or hazard issues on the property. In addition to recreational equipment and devices that are not covered by traditional insurance, animal liability coverage is also available. Individual liability coverage is important to pet owners because if the canine bites, scratches, knocks down or causes harm to a third party, liability insurance protection is in place.

What to Submit

  • Complete the General Application. Be sure to include the liability limits required.
  • Be sure to specify the address of the property to be insured, including a description of the year(s) the building(s) was built, the protection class, the Actual Cash Value, and a description of any surrounding exposures.
  • Be sure to indicate whether you want optional burglary or earthquake coverage.


Animal Liability
ATV’s & 4 Wheelers
Excess coverage available
Mobile Home Coverage
Optional Earthquake & Burglary

Personal Property such as Jewelry, Guns, etc.
Tenant Liability