We understand that one benefit of forming a corporation is to protect individuals from liability risks. Directors and Officers of a corporation are typically immune from liability, but some courts allow creditors to seize personal assets. Board members can be sued by an employee or third party who asserts a claim for non-bodily injury.

Employment practices like termination and discrimination are the largest exposure in these types of claims. If you have a small, friendly staff, and feel unlikely to have employment claims resulting in a lawsuit, you might not think it necessary to carry D&O insurance. However, when employees feel they have been wronged and are angry, they may file a claim even if it is baseless. At that point, you will have to hire a lawyer. Instead of you paying the legal fees the D&O coverage becomes a legal defense policy. This coverage protects property, cash, securities and other assets if an incident, claim or lawsuit occurs. In today’s litigious society it’s important to educate insureds that a liability exposure is time consuming and costly to defend. What if there is no corporate veil? What if judgment exceeds limits of standard coverage? We will customize a plan to cover these risks and exposures.

What to Submit

  • Complete the General Application. Be sure to specify the limits requested.
  • A schedule of activities to be insured.
  • # of Employees
  • Claims History


Board Members
Business Professionals
Not For Profit Organizations
Private Companies

Publicly Traded Companies
Retired Consultants and Mentors


Assault and Battery
Breach of Duty
Deposition Coverage
Employment Practices Liability
Misstatements, Neglect

Sexual Abuse and Molestation
Spouse can be named as additional insured
Wage & Hour
Wrongful Acts