Snow Removal Insurance – Customized liability insurance for snow removal operations. EIB has the knowledge, flexibility, and experience to offer customized coverage and solutions. EIB has direct access to underwriting, risk management, and in-house claims services.

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Know the Facts

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Over the last 5 years, demand for snowplowing services has increased due to greater-than-average annual snowfall totals and numerous high-accumulation snow events. Source

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Snow plow accidents result from poor weather conditions, impaired operators, inattention from motorists and pedestrians, and more. Source 

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Snow plow operators can be at fault for reasons such as drowsiness, low visibility, insufficient training, faulty equipment, or driver inexperience. Source

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No risks are bound until expressly accepted by EIB, upon receipt of all requested information and the return of the applicable premium. In most cases, premium financing options are included with the quote.

There are no minimum premium requirements.