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Commercial Auto

We offer coverage for automobiles used for business purposes, including long haul trucking, taxi cabs and medical transport vehicles, with customizable options for the insured’s specific needs in select states. We presently do not offer Commercial Auto coverage in Connecticut, Florida, Hawaii, Kentucky, Michigan, New York or Rhode Island. Secondary auto such as drive away or non-owned auto coverage is available in all states.

What to Submit

  • A signed application . Be sure to include requested limits of liability and an indication of whether Personal Injury Protection, Underinsured Motorist Protection, and/or Uninsured Motorist Protection is required.
  • A schedule of vehicles to be insured, including year, make and model, VIN, cash value of the vehicle and radius of operation.
  • A schedule of drivers to be insured, including name, date of birth, driver license number and state of issue.
  • A list of all state financial responsibility filings required.


Airport Bus Service
Black Car Service
Buses – All Types
Limousines/Black Cars

Long-haul Trucking
School Busses
Taxi Cabs


Auto Liability
Auto Physical Damage
Commercial Truck Coverage
Drive Away Coverage

Excess coverage available
Hired or Non Hired Auto
Motor Truck Cargo
Terminal Operation