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Jimmy Salmans

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Zipline Insurance

With the many changes in the insurance market over the past couple of years it is not surprising that zipline companies have really been having a difficult time finding insurance.  These thrill rides can be a nightmare for many insurance companies and after a claim or two, many of the major insurers close the door on these companies.  Zipline insurance has become very hard to find over the recent 6 months because some of the main carriers have started non-renewing their clients.  When it comes to this type of business it can be very frustrating for those clients because of how important having insurance is for their business.

Ziplines are very fun and can be safe if handled by a good business owner.  With this insurance there are many different considerations that can come into play with insuring them.  How tall is the zipline?  How many people are going to be riding the zipline per year?  What is the overall gross receipts for the company to judge the risk and what the exposure is.  All of these questions can go into getting a basic quote or denial of insurance for these companies.

It can be very frustrating when your company doesn’t fit into the perfect box for an insurer because then it makes it very difficult to find insurance.  When it comes to a zipline the reasons for denial of coverage can very substantive.  Overall most of these companies just want to find a good partner.

Here at Evolution Insurance Brokers we can help you find exactly what you are needing.  We will work with any company regardless of past claims, insurance, customers, clients, or any other reason that the company may have been denied in the past.  We are always willing to look at a company for insurance.  If you find yourself in the circumstance of denial of coverage, cancellation, new business, or any other reason for not being able to obtain insurance we can help you.

If you would like to see a quote, I can provide a quote in about 24 hours of getting an application, or you can call me or email and I can help you find the insurance you are needing.  When it comes to zipline insurance, we have insured these types of risks for many years and will definitely provide a quote.  Let me know if I can help.


Rick J. Lindsey
Rick Lindsey

President, CEO and Chairman