XINSURANCE partners with you to supplement your primary insurance in the event of a personal lawsuit, claim or accident.

Unless you have a legal defense team already in place that can identify and fill in liability insurance gaps, you are putting everything you own in jeopardy. XINSURANCE is that team.

XINSURANCE covers the cost of your legal defense if you’re named in a lawsuit. Because no matter how unrealistic or frivolous some lawsuits may seem, the expense of legal representation is very real.

XINSURANCE helps you create a plan made up of foresight, experience and a customized plan to protect what is important to you.

When do your home, work and play insurance fall short of what you really need for protection? XINSURANCE will pinpoint those gaps and provide coverage.

Are your assets at risk because of gaps in your homeowners, employers and business insurance policies? XINSURANCE has a plan for protection.

Don’t let confusion in understanding liability insurance prevent you from have in the right coverage, or worse, no coverage at all. XINSURANCE will help define the gaps and provide protection.

Insuring yourself against life’s mishaps and misfortunes is a smart way to avoid hardship.

Don’t just wait to see if you are covered….be certain you have XINSURANCE coverage in place to protect what is important to you.

Whatever you risk at home, work or play, XINSURANCE will provide coverage to protect your personal assets.

Ignoring a legal risk will not protect you from lawsuits and the financial distress they bring. XINSURANCE will clarify your liability risks and provide protection.

XINSURANCE deploys an experienced legal team who will step in to defend your assets everywhere you go.

Purchasing an X policy provides you with the security of knowing a legal defense plan is established, paid for and ready to protect your personal assets.

Lawsuits can hit from all directions whether it is at home work or play. There’s no safe ground when it comes to being sued, but there is opportunity to put a strong defense to fight for what you’ve worked so hard to earn.

People can sue for any reason, at any time, for any amount, so what would you do without an XINSURANCE Plan of protection?



Rick Lindsey

President, CEO and Chairman