Waterpark Insurance

When it’s summer time many people are trying to get out and have some fun.  One of the best places to do this is at a waterpark!  We have all been to one of these and have a great time.  Sometimes you may hear on the new about a waterpark that had a problem with a claim or an injury.  What happens to those companies?  It can be very difficult for them to find insurance after this happen.  Waterpark insurance is already offered very seldom by most insurance companies, but once a park has a large claim, they usually go out of business…

Many insurance companies will deny coverage to these waterparks for a plethora of reasons.  As you go along trying to find insurance you may find that you have had too many claims, are in the wrong part of town, aren’t being offered coverage in your state, even make too much money, or have too many slides that aren’t considered safe enough to ride…  If you have come across any of these issues it can be very frustrating…

We here at Evolution Insurance Brokers will cover any waterpark regardless of claims history, size, rides, location, or any other reason that many of the other carriers could be throwing at you.  We will take your waterpark or theme park and help you get back on your feet if you have had some claims problems.  We have a risk management team that helps rebuild some of the most broken businesses from claims etc.  We also will handle your claims, and get them managed very quickly.  As a claims driven company we are always trying to take care of our claims quickly and help you maintain a good standing with your customer.

We make the process of getting a quote very simple.  You can just give me a call and I can help get you a quote within 24 hours.  We will make the process of getting your insurance very simple as well.  If you have had any problems finding insurance or would just like a quote for your waterpark insurance.  Give me a call, or send me a quick email.  Best of luck with your business.

Rick J. Lindsey
Rick Lindsey

President, CEO and Chairman