Warehouse Legal Liability

Warehouse Legal Liability – Protect Your Warehouse from Third-Party Claims

Warehouse Legal Liability

If you own a warehouse, especially one affiliated with Amazon or any online shipping business that’s pushing for customers with guarantees of fast delivery, then your business has an opportunity to grow in your region or specialize in local deliveries depending on your business plan. But it also means you can face increased legal liability when it comes to the storage and handling’s of goods when they arrive at your warehouse as part of that expedited delivery process. Distribution and online businesses depend more and more on having their customers receive ordered goods quickly, correctly, and with no damage, and if that process is broken, you can face claims for failure to exercise reasonable care.

How can warehouse legal liability coverage help protect your business?

  • This type of coverage helps you respond to claims of alleged failure to exercise reasonable care. If one of your operators loses or damages goods in a warehouse, or either a client or distributor alleges that this damage occurred, most general business insurance policies can’t help you answer these claims and that can leave you with the bill for expensive payments or even a settlement.
  • Having warehouse legal liability coverage gives you greater insight into where your responsibilities end and the customer’s begin. You and your employees are obligated to exercise reasonable care when your housing a customer’s goods, but you are responsible for negligence only and not for other types of loss. Once you have warehouse legal liability coverage that’s the best fit for your business, you can better delineate and then minimize your company’s legal risks.

Having warehouse legal liability insurance that deals specifically with third-party claims is essential when you and your and employees are storing and handling goods in your warehouse, whether your warehouse is a temporary stop in a fast-moving distribution process or if you’re holding goods for a longer period of time.

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Rick J. Lindsey
Rick Lindsey

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