Three Main Areas in Diving and Scuba Insurance

Diving has a lot of checks in place to make sure that everyone stays safe, and diving insurance has just as many for exactly the same reason. Whether you are a diving instructor, a commercial diver, or do diving tours, making sure that you have the right insurance coverage should be high on your business checklist to give you and your clients security and peace of mind.

What should you look for when it comes to diving insurance for your company?

A lot of specific insurance requirements will depend on precisely what services your business offers. However, there are three main areas to keep in mind when looking for complete diving insurance coverage:

  1. Facility coverage: If your business offers diving lessons in a certain facility, whether you own or rent it, having property and casualty coverage is essential in the event of an accident, damages, and claims.
  2. Vessel and materials coverage: Diving equipment, whether a boat, a wetsuit, or a breathing apparatus, can be expensive. Because your equipment can be damaged during the course of daily business activity, finding the right coverage to minimize your business expenses and to cover claims from related participants and employees is key.
  3. Coverage for you and your employees: There are a lot of potential risks inherent when providing diving lessons and or tours. Having liability coverage not only for your employees as under any general business relationship but also having specific crew liability coverage is essential when you’re taking employees and customers out to potentially turbulent water or any environment that you don’t fully control. Similar concerns apply if you are a commercial diver, whether you are self-employed as a single employee or have a crew for whom you are responsible.

Evolution Insurance Brokers is focused on offering you waterman’s liability insurance for risks associated with both the general business liability of your company and the more specialized risks unique to scuba and diving services.

Partnership with UDT

Partnering with Bob Sheridan, President of Universal Diver Training Inc (UDT), we have been exhibiting at industry leading events such as Scuba & H2O Adventure Show, The Blue Wild, and The Scuba Show. We will also be at the DEMA Show in Orlando, Florida this year.


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