Specialized Personal Liability Policy

Gaps in your insurance can leave you personally exposed in more ways than you might think!

As a licensed insurance professional for over 30 years, I have become concerned at the volume of people across the country who think they have insurance covering them for all important aspects of their lives, when in fact they do not! My company can provide a free assessment of risk and fill insurance gaps for all aspects of a person’s life at HOME, WORK, and PLAY.

While many individuals may have insurance of some kind, it is almost always limited, and often covers someone else! For example, when you rent a houseboat, the owner of the boat has coverage to protect himself against claims and lawsuits, but that coverage doesn’t cover your personal acts when you are operating it! Your employer probably has a policy too, but it will exclude you as an employee for your own personal, intentional, or alleged criminal acts. Your exposure to being sued is alarmingly broad! Many examples abound, but we can fill your gaps in coverage while leaving any other coverage you might already have intact.

I can cite examples of individually tailored insurance we can provide literally from “A to Z.” These include customized x policies for individuals and groups such as police, security guards, paramedics and first responders, pilots and flight instructors, teachers, coaches, equipment renters, boat or aircraft owners and operators, corporate board members, business owners, midwives, truck and taxi drivers, medical professionals, people with play-time hobbies, individual animal owners who may have a vicious dog or exotic animal–just to name a very few!

We even offer Criminal Defense coverage, cash bonds and an Arrest Hotline for individuals who may be falsely arrested and charged with a crime.

Xinsurance can cover all aspects of your life at HOME, WORK and PLAY! This specialized personal liability coverage provides valued peace of mind in today’s world where people are sued individually every day and where most standard insurance policies are very limited or contain holes in coverage rendering the coverage of no benefit in certain circumstances.

It is too easy for any of us to suddenly find ourselves faced with insurmountable legal fees and uncovered legal exposure putting our hard-earned assets, and in extreme cases even our freedom, at risk.

In order to discuss how a customized personal liability policy can better protect you from legal exposure and financial catastrophe, please call me any time! My contact information is provided below. You may also contact Jimmy Salmans, one of my field underwriting assistants who works with me, at (801) 304-5557, or jimmys@eibdirect.com.

We are available 24/7 to provide solutions!



Rick Lindsey

President, CEO and Chairman