Add a Side of Shipping Insurance to Your Business Coverage

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Add a Side of Shipping Insurance to Your Business Coverage

Delivery is no longer optional. While parcel delivery and pizza shops have always been expected to do home deliveries and to do them quickly, now almost every business has to have a delivery option either directly through their company or through a third-party service. Whether you deliver directly or work as a middleman, make sure your current coverage is up for the job with shipping insurance.


When should you doublecheck your insurance policy for the right coverage?

  • Are you using your own car to deliver pizzas? The gig economy, especially with Uber and Lyft, have made personal insurance companies take a hard look at what car owners are doing with the vehicles. Many car insurance companies for individual owners draw the line at any damage caused while you’re on the job or, if they do cover for business use, set your premium higher without all of the protection you need. Investigate your policy and then get a quote from business insurance companies like us to see if a business coverage plan can protect you better.
  • Do you deliver valuable goods or on a tight schedule? Coverage is essential when you’re handling other people’s property, especially if you’re taking it on the road. Inland marine and shipping insurance coverage can help you address claims for broken furniture, late deliveries, or improperly packaged materials. No matter what you ship in your home delivery business, not getting your clients’ cargo from point A to B in mint condition can get costly fast without coverage, even if you’re not the party at fault.



Whether you have a one-man operation or you’re expanding into the delivery sector, go to Evolution Insurance Brokers to find the right shipping insurance for your business.

Rick J. Lindsey
Rick Lindsey

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