Sea Breacher Watercraft Liability Coverage

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Cindy Anderson

Cindy Anderson

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Sea Breacher Watercraft Liability Coverage


The Sea Breacher is a new technological design watercraft, part submarine, part water ski,  designed by boat builder.  There was no clear cut business plan in hand, but nonetheless

Liability insurance had to be obtained in order to take on any passengers.  Most markets declined to look at or quote the risk, but Evolution Insurance Brokers put together

options for coverage very quickly.

The innovator had a difficult time finding the appropriate coverage and EIB stepped in to assess the risk, determine what coverage would be best, cultivate a partnership

Relationship with the insured and get the Sea Breacher coverage.  EIB is no stranger to high risk and new wave ideas, as the company has protected helicopter skiers, river guides and

Outfitters, mountain climbers, fly board watercraft to name a few.

When traditional insurance companies shy away from unique risks, that’s when we step up to provide the coverage.   We’re here for the new, modern risks,

core business risks, and we’ll be here for whatever future innovators and adventurers bring our way – to be insured!

Rick J. Lindsey
Rick Lindsey

President, CEO and Chairman