Repossession Insurance

Repossession Insurance

In the world of repossession it is crucial to have a good liability insurance policy.  The biggest problem you may run into is that you are not strictly a repossession company…  You might be a company that focuses mostly on towing or trucking, maybe even renting out vehicles and you are just doing repossession work on the side.  Many insurance carriers are unwilling to cover your repossession portion of your business.  It is absolutely necessary that you have insurance for any contracts that you may be trying to win.  They will require that you have certain minimum insurance met and this can be kind of confusing and difficult to make sure that you have the required coverage.

Here at Evolution Insurance Brokers we have been writing repossession insurance for a long time.  We know what the ins and outs of the industry are and we want to make sure that you have what is needed to cover you.  We offer all the different types of insurance that you may need.  We will cover your repossession operation, the tow-away portion of the insurance, and even the drive-away portion if you are driving vehicles away.  We can also offer contractual liability insurance for employee dishonesty.  We can make sure that you have the correct coverage, so if something ever does happen you will be covered.

Another very important part of our insurance is our ability to work with companies that are distressed.  We will cover any company that is having trouble finding insurance.  Whether it is from a claim, a bad MVR, a driver that may be excluded from a policy because of age, or even if a certain part of your insurance isn’t being covered, we will cover it.  We like to be the problem solvers and make sure that any company can find insurance and stay in business.

I can offer you a quote at any time.  If you are having trouble finding insurance, being non-renewed, or running into a hang up for the certain type of coverage you need, give me a call.  I can get you an application or ask you a couple of questions and get you a quote.  Feel free to email me as well and I can help you get your much needed repossession insurance.

Rick J. Lindsey
Rick Lindsey

President, CEO and Chairman