Propane Truck Insurance

Protect the Vehicles in Your Butane and Propane Hauling Business

Propane Truck Insurance

Any company in the business of delivering goods puts their own equipment on the line with every job. Transporting hazardous and flammable materials such as butane and propane are even riskier in the event of an accident, so keeping your property covered with adequate insurance is even more important. While traditional coverage elements such as general liability and health insurance are critical to keeping your business going in the face of third-party claims and injuries, automobile liability and physical damage coverage help protect your vehicles and equipment.

How does automobile liability coverage protect your business?

Transporting propane can result in property damage and injury if there’s a collision. But automobile liability coverage protects your company’s assets from third-party claims by settling claims and making required payments up to your insurance limits. This liability coverage also protects your business from fines and penalties, as more and more states require businesses to have automobile liability for any business that involves travel or transportation.

What is automobile physical damage insurance?

If you have liability coverage for collisions, that will help protect your business from claims and civil suits from the other party. But automobile physical damage insurance protects your own vehicle after an incident. If there is a collision or fire, or even if your truck is stolen or vandalized, this coverage will help cover the costs of repairs and replacement. If your truck includes specialized equipment for loading and safely transporting butane or propane, adding coverage for those assets is also essential.

Whether you and your employees use your own vehicles for transporting butane and propane or your business has vehicles solely for hauling, adequately covering their risks is an essential part of protecting your business. If you want to make sure your business has all the liability and automobile insurance it needs, talk to an expert at Evolution Insurance Brokers here.

Rick Lindsey

President, CEO and Chairman