Property Managers and Landlords Insurance

We are introducing a new product that protects the property management company and/or landlord in the event of an incident or claim caused exclusively by a tenant.  Incidents that involve fire or water damage to the property are common and can quickly become a financial and logistical nightmare. For example, if a tenant has a grease fire on the stove and cabinets are burned and damaged, or  overflowing water causes the floor to buckle or split, you will report a claim and have to meet all of the financial or deductible requirements of your primary property provider.

EIB offers coverage that would take the lead if an incident or claim occurs that is caused exclusively by the tenant. It protects you from others’ accidents or negligence resulting in property damage.  The coverage is customizable and the limits, premiums and deductibles are based on your business needs.  This liability insurance coverage would be a sound solution especially in the event of a lesser incident or claim.

Our reputation for service is second to none, and we have provided a stable market for almost 30 years so we’ll be here to defend you if an incident or claim occurs.  Our entire staff stands ready to work with you to review your current coverage and provide options you didn’t know about until now.

I would appreciate the opportunity to spend a few minutes with you to review your requirements and give you an overview of how we can help you obtain customized liability insurance coverage.


Rick J. Lindsey
Rick Lindsey

President, CEO and Chairman