Professional Liability Insurance

Professional liability insurance is becoming more and more difficult to find in today’s insurance markets. Whether you are a midwife, medical professional or any other professional you need liability insurance to protect yourself against negligence. Professional Liability insurance is not only for the medical community but can also be for any type of professional that is looking to protect themselves. Most insurance markets are declining these types of risks. They simply don’t take the time to research the industry before they chose to decline the risk. We have experience is writing professional liability no matter what industry you are in. We are known as the company that will write just about anything.

We understand your industry and will take the time to evaluate the risk. Don’t take the risk operating without insurance. Even if you are not required to carry it by your local state it is a good idea too. I have spoken to many Midwives’ that are not required to carry professional liability insurance. Since they are not required they chose not to carry it. Just because you are not required to carry insurance doesn’t mean that you can’t be brought up in a claim. Insurance is there to protect you when you need it call a company that can walk you through the process. Don’t get stuck choosing the companies that are not familiar with your industry. Call me directly for any questions



Rick J. Lindsey
Rick Lindsey

President, CEO and Chairman