Professional Liability Insurance

In our litigious society more and more frivolous claims and lawsuits are being filed.  Professionals who have the skill, education and expertise to conduct themselves with the highest standards are no exceptions to being named in an incident, claim or lawsuit.  Professional liability coverage for tax preparers, financial professionals, hospital professionals, lawyers, managed health care PL, media professionals, technologists, environmentalists, nonprofits’ liability, public officials, fiduciary liability insurance coverage, and so many others need to be concerned that their professional liability risks are covered.

Traditional coverages sometimes state that limitations and exclusions may apply to the insurance.  Those gaps may be the specific risk or activity for which you need the most protection.  A professional approach and prudent approach is to talk with an expert professional liability insurance underwriter.  The team at Evolution Insurance Brokers is well staffed and qualified to discuss risks, vulnerabilities and solutions.  The EIB group provides options so that you can get protection in place quickly.  It is equally important that you will be informed and advised on your coverage and benefits.  The team and underwriting specialists provide the protection consultation and expertise needed to make sure your limitations and exclusions are reviewed.  Contact us anytime to learn more.





Rick J. Lindsey
Rick Lindsey

President, CEO and Chairman