Products Liability Insurance

Products liability for unique niche products can be very hard to find. If you find yourself in this situation and would like an option we can help! Evolution Insurance Brokers provide products liability nationwide. We have dealt with hard to place unique insurance risk for 25+ years, we love providing solutions no one else will! We provide a unique partnership, providing quotes, risk management, and claims in house. If you are interested in a quote or additional information for hard to place products liability insurance contact us.


Examples of Products Liability Insurance Offered

-Aircraft Parts



-Gun Accessories/Parts

-Medical Equipment


-Boat Accessories/Parts

-ATV Accessories/Parts

-UTV Accessories/Parts

-Bicycle Accessories/Parts

-Athletic Equipment

-Machine Manufactures

-Heavy Equipment Parts

-Powder Metal Parts Manufacturers


Rick J. Lindsey
Rick Lindsey

President, CEO and Chairman