Pit Bull Liability Insurance

Many states and counties require  pet owners to obtain liability coverage as added protection and responsibility if an incident or claim occurs.  In our litigious society, it’s a wise decision to have animal liability coverage in place. Homeowners, landlords, home associations, and any entity associated with residents and tenants of multi dwelling or single housing would agree that this coverage is essential.   Accidents and mishaps happen every day, and this coverage will help protect you from medical bills or other costs associated when an animal causes property or bodily damage.  Many shelters, animal patrol offers,and even  K9 units are purchasing this liability protection.  Many Individuals, associations, clubs and organizations have recommended and referred people to XINSURANCE as well.  In some cases, if a dog is involved in an incident and picked up by animal control offers, the owner must present liability coverage in order to take the dog home.  XINSURANCE is affordable, easy to obtain and there for you when you need it!  Call me today to learn more about obtaining this protection.

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Rick J. Lindsey
Rick Lindsey

President, CEO and Chairman