Parasailing Liability Coverage

If you own a company that provides parasailing you know that insurance is something that is hard to find with a carrier that will consistently provide coverage. Insurance companies come and go and rates go up and down. If you have had claims everyone has different out comes and circumstances that lead to the final results. Being proactive and finding coverage for your needs and biggest exposures should be top priority when selecting an insurance policy, not always price.

Evolution Insurance Brokers wants to be your partner and resource for your specialty liability needs. EIB has insured extreme activities for 25+ years providing direct access to in house underwriters, risk managers, and claims expertise. We want you to rest assured you are covered for your greatest exposure.




Canoe rentals

Boat rentals

Jet ski Rentals


-Commercial liability

-Participant coverage

-Practice or Racing

-Special events -and much more.  For a free insurance review or more information contact the below specialist.

Rick J. Lindsey
Rick Lindsey

President, CEO and Chairman