Ninja Warrior Gym Insurance

The other day I was at home watching a little television and I came across this show call American Ninja Warrior. For those that are not familiar with this show let me tell you about it. American Ninja Warrior takes ordinary people that have a fitness background and puts them through an intense obstacle course. They compete against one another to see who can finish the course and complete it in the fastest time. This show has set a new trend throughout the country where gym owners are setting up their one Ninja Warrior Gyms.

So what does American Ninja Warrior have to do with liability insurance? Because of the growth we are seeing more ninja warrior gyms opening up. If you are considering opening up an obstacle course or ninja warrior gym you need to make sure you are protected. So how can you be protected against feverous law suits? By carrying liability insurance you can protect yourself and your company. Some of the issues you run into are finding coverage for Ninja warrior gyms.

There are not many options in the insurance industry that will insure these types of risks. Evolution Insurance Brokers specializes in providing coverage for hard to place risks.  Ninja Warrior Gym Insurance is a necessity to have if you plan on opening your doors to the public. Don’t take too much time calling around to different carriers. Call us at Evolution Insurance Brokers for you Ninja Warrior Gym insurance needs. Whether you are a season parkour instructor or an experience gymnast we can create a policy that fits. Please give us a call and let us work for you.

Thank you

Aaron Buck

Rick Lindsey

President, CEO and Chairman