Mud Bog Insurance

When it comes to specialty insurance, it can be very hard to find insurance at all.  Throw some mud, trucks, and some crazy spectators in the equation and you now have a recipe for some really hard to find coverage.  Mud bogging has become more and more popular over the years and has really become an American past time that can be enjoyed by all.  As fun as these can be they can really open up some major questions about insurance coverage.  When it comes to finding mud bog insurance, it can be a very difficult commodity to come by.  As those who own these types of businesses can attest to.

Mud bogging has many fun aspects to it and can really be generally safe activity, but most insurance companies don’t see it that way.  As time goes on and more insurance companies continue to drop these companies from obtaining insurance it becomes harder and harder to keep these kind of events afloat.  There are many different reasons that these special events are denied coverage…  A carrier may not like the venue for the event, they may not like the trucks that are participating in the event, there may not be enough crowd control, or the business has previously had a few claims…  There are many reasons that are given to these businesses as to why they can’t be insured and it certainly can be frustrating.

So the question soon becomes where can I find insurance for my event, or mud bog?  As the time passes by without an answer it can be very overwhelming for these companies.  Well I would like to offer hope to this current debacle.  We here at Evolution Insurance Brokers are willing to insure any event and we will insure whatever part of the event the company would like insured.  In the event of a mud bog, we will offer coverage to the spectators as well as coverage for the participants.  Whatever is being sought after, we are willing to provide.

If your company has ever had trouble finding insurance for a mud bog or any special event, we can help.  We will insure you regardless of claims history, insurance history, venue location, trucks, or any other reason that has been given previously.  I can help you get a quote for your mud bog insurance.  Give me a call and I can get a quote in about 24 hours or receiving your application.  May your insurance needs be met.

Rick Lindsey

President, CEO and Chairman