Long Haul Trucking Insurance

If your company is having a TOUGH TIME finding long-haul trucking insurance, let us end your headache! Assisting companies with hard to place commercial trucking insurance is what we do best. If your company is simply looking for a handful of competitive quotes, I am more than happy to provide you with some references but our company strictly focuses on assisting companies that are having a tough time finding commercial trucking insurance.

If your company has been canceled, or you have a high safer report, or you are facing fines and or insurance claims due to accidents look no further, we will take care of you! Evolution Insurance Brokers practically wrote the book for long-haul trucking insurance. you may have noticed that insurance agencies will claim that they can get you insured, but what they may not tell you, is that they have NO CONTROL over the policy they are trying to obtain for you. They are subject to an outside insurance company determining whether or not your company will be insured, and the conditions/exclusions within the policy.

With Evolution Insurance Brokers our trucking insurance policy is written directly by our in-house insurance carrier. What does that mean for you?… NO MIDDLEMEN!!! If your company has an unfavorably high safer report, Has accidents, open claims, or you simply have a unique trucking operation that no one else will insure, we promise to provide fast accurate information. We will not waste your time making useless statements like, “we are selling half priced super discounted insurance!”

Here is what I will promise; ALL quoting is handled in-house! 24 – 72 hour quote turn around. In-house risk management and claims management to provide second to none service to your company. Plain and simple no one has more experience in the industry with high risk insurance and long-haul trucking insurance! My direct contact information is listed below, so please give me a call with any questions, or to request a quote right away!

Rick J. Lindsey
Rick Lindsey

President, CEO and Chairman