Liability Insurance For Building Movers

Liability Insurance For Building Movers

Liability Insurance For Building Movers

Building-moving, also known as structure relocation, is becoming a more and more popular alternative to demolition and new construction. But because the work involves both careful deconstruction and reconstruction, sometimes even with historic and irregular components, the risk of damage to the property is high. Adding excess general liability coverage for projects with high budgets and risk factors is the best first move for keeping your business safe, no matter what types of buildings you typically move. Thus, we offer liability insurance for building movers so companies and professionals can conduct business as usual without the worry.

How does general liability protect your business?

Building moving is usually requested because there’s a problem. Here’s how general liability coverage helps you address claims and legal action for different structures and situations:

  • Moving historic buildings
    • One of the biggest risks with historic buildings is the irreplaceable nature of the building components. Unlike with other construction or renovation projects, your clients care about the materials themselves instead of solely the finished product. Because general liability coverage protects your business in the event of property damage during the deconstruction, transport, and reconstruction, handling local, state, and even national sites is less of a risk.
  • Shifting buildings to follow zoning regulations
    • Sometimes homeowners and commercial property owners need structures shifted because of proximity to a power line or perimeter, or even due to floods or unstable soil. That means these work areas are potentially hazardous and are more likely to have other contractors onsite, and accidents that lead to injury can happen. Make sure your business can address claims and any potential settlement without financial risk through liability limits that match your business.

Each building moving company specializes in different regions or on different types of projects, and not all insurance plans can match the unique nature of the business. If you’re concerned that your general liability might not fully address the risks your business faces, contact Evolution Insurance Brokers to learn more.


Rick J. Lindsey
Rick Lindsey

President, CEO and Chairman