Liability Insurance for Auto Repo Companies

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Cindy Anderson

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Liability Insurance for Auto Repo Companies

Repo Insurance

There are several  insurance companies who write repo liability insurance, but most have limitations and gaps in coverage.  Some will only offer a quote if you have been in business for 3 years or more.  Garage Services and Equipment Dealers Services Association powered by Evolution Insurance Brokers, will write a start-up repo operation.

Our policy will include all general liability, auto liability, garage keepers, assault and battery, plus sexual abuse and molestation.  Trucks equipped with on hook, cargo and drive away will also be covered.  E&O, wrongful acts and dishonesty coverage is available.

We will write lower limits to help get started and also higher limits for forwarding company’s, major banks &credit unions-new car dealers, etc.

We have been providing solutions for 30 years and our in house claims and risk management services teams are here for you. When it comes to specialty repo liability insurance go no further because GSEDLA will provide solutions that can’t be found anywhere else.  Our underwriting expertise extends to provide coverage to many classes such as trucking, 18 wheelers, airplanes, helicopters and so much more.

When you start looking for a different carrier, or feel you need an expert to look at your risk and protection, you are with experts in the industry.   With over 30 years of experience we will walk you thru the process personally.  The binding or policy delivery process only takes a day or so and includes certificates for additional insureds, cab cars and drive away cars.  The process is efficient and you can serve yourself when it comes to changes and adjustments.  You can process on your own computer and produce your own certificate!   And you can process your own certificates have them sent directly to your clients!

In summary, repossessions liability insurance written by us whether you have low limits or high limits.  We cover the repo car that you have received and in order to repossess it.  From the time you get the order whether you tow it, drive it, store it or take it to auctions, we keep it covered until you get final sign off or release. We are now rated with AM best as A

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Rick Lindsey

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