Jet Ski Rental Insurance

Fun times can always be had on the water!!  One of America’s favorite past times usually has some involvement with the water and the thrill that comes with watersports.  The enthrallment with the water and these good times had in the water has spurred much excitement for new ways to have fun in the water.  From the first outboard motor, to jetskis, and even the new craze of the flyboards, Americans are always having fun out in the water.  The tough part about being so active and having these fun times in the water are the tragedies that can also come from water activities and renting water equipment.  Some major questions for concern with water activity can always be the amount of training that one has received to actually use one of these machines, or amusement devices in the water.  How prepared are they?  Can they swim?  What could happen if I rent out a jetski or other device?  These may be some questions that come to mind for a jetski rental shop.

With these questions and the risk of others using your equipment it is very important to have adequate insurance coverage for your jetskis.  Having a commercial liability policy is always a must when it comes to your business.  It is also crucial that you make sure that your business activities are thoroughly covered.  You always want to check your exclusions and make sure that you have all coverage that could be needed.  A very tough part to making sure that everything is in place, is knowing what you need to look for.  Having someone to be able to go over your policy and be on your side can be one of the best things for your business.  An underwriter that knows the business of insurance and can help you see your gaps of coverage and make sure that when that disaster strikes you can have the peace of mind with your insurance.

That partner can best be suited to someone that knows the insurance industry and can help you make the best decisions for your business.  With the market constantly hardening and more exclusions coming into policies, having someone be able to review your policy and give you a quote for exactly what you need coverage for can always go a long way for your business.   If you would like a free policy review, and obtain a quote for liability insurance, please give me a call or email me.

Rick J. Lindsey
Rick Lindsey

President, CEO and Chairman