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Insurance for Parcel Delivery and Courier Businesses

The delivery world is changing. Amazon and other online shops are offering faster and faster delivery times due to an increase in local warehouses, drones are a long-considered possibilities for future deliveries, and apps are always changing the way businesses interact on a person to person scale. But the need for couriers is still present, and the liabilities your couriering business face are ever-present.

What are the liabilities you’re responsible for as a courier?

  • Failure to uphold delivery time. Far from just hurting your reputation, being late with a crucial delivery can hurt your business financially especially if you promise express delivery. Depending on whether you deliver goods and messages to general consumers or you work in a specialized niche, your customers can make claims for tardy deliveries that impact their own businesses or someone’s health. Legal action delves into the relatively unstandardized realm of ‘reasonable’ deadlines, but claims can still tie up your time and finances even if they end in your favor. Additional insurance coverage for your liabilities can help reduce time spent addressing claims and reduce the sting of any settlements.
  • Damaged packages. Sometimes things break. Even if they’re transported with care and delivered straight to the recipient’s hands, the goods may have been improperly secured, transported upside-down for part of the journey, or may have had a flaw even when it was packed. But customers will often level claims against your delivery service for the damage, and that can leave it in your hands to pay the damages or find the underlying cause. Again, additional liability insurance can help protect your business.

The economy is getting more and more segmented into different functions and third parties. Make sure your insurance policies solidly protect you for every aspect of your courier services by reviewing your plan with an insurance expert. If you see any potential gaps or your business handles fragile or valuable goods, contact Evolution Insurance Brokers here about excess liability coverage for your parcel service.


Rick J. Lindsey
Rick Lindsey

President, CEO and Chairman