Insurance for the Repo Business

The recovery business is a growing business class.  There’s plenty of work and lots of repossessions such as homes, cars, recreational vehicles and watercraft to name a few.

If your business is recovering property items, tricky one.  There’s plenty of work and lots of repossessions from houses, to cars to other peronsl projects.

If you own a company here is some of the basics needed:

General Liability, Garage Liability, Wrongful Acts, Garagekeepers Liability, Wrongful Repossession, Oh hook coverage, drive away coverage, personal injury, commercial truck, personal effects

Sexual Abuse molestation assault and

Premises liability is to cover property damage or body injury takes place where the job is being performed.

We’ve learned a lot about this type coverage and have helped businesses like yours.  The best way to learn about this coverage is to talk, so please get in touch with me soon.


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Personal Injury


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Rick J. Lindsey
Rick Lindsey

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