Insurance For Repossession Industry

As long as there are loans granted there will be delinquencies and that means business for the repossession industry. There continues to be a need to recover cars, recreational vehicles and watercraft to name a few. Evolution Insurance Brokers offers a variety of coverages for repossession businesses who are having a hard time obtaining insurance for whatever reason. Perhaps your repossession company has an adverse claims history. Maybe you are starting a new repossession venture and do not have a long history in the industry turning off many carriers. Your drivers may be young or have imperfect driving records. Evolution Insurance Brokers will work with you to provide a tailored insurance solution to protect your business.

Some of our most common coverages are General Liability, Garage Liability, Garagekeepers Liability, Wrongful Repossession, Commercial Trucking, On-Hook coverage and Drive Away Coverage.

In addition, Evolution Insurance Brokers offers coverages like Premises Liability that cover property damage or body injury that take place where the repossession is being performed.

Evolution Insurance Brokers is even able to provide coverage for repossession operations that target heavy equipment, helicopters, airplanes, yachts, semi-trucks, party busses and more!

So if you are having a hard time obtaining insurance for your repossession business, please contact Evolution Insurance Brokers today for a quote!

You can also contact my cell at 541-221-1018!


Rick J. Lindsey
Rick Lindsey

President, CEO and Chairman