Insurance for Drilling and Blasting Companies

Insurance for Drilling and Blasting Companies

Refinishing residential and commercial garages with epoxy or acid washed floors are becoming more and more popular and shot blasting the latent layer of concrete to get a strong, porous surface that the new material can adhere to is part of the process. But any drilling and blasting work done on a property can result in a hefty amount of liability due to the risk of damage to other elements of the building. If you own or operate a contracting business that blasts concrete and metal surfaces, one of the most important parts of your insurance plan is your general liability coverage.

Why should you consider getting excess liability coverage for your drilling and media blasting business?

  • Commercial general liability, or CGL policies, can cover you and your business for liability claims for the widest range of potential damages or alleged injuries. Because services such as asbestos removal, shot blasting, and sandblasting are done onsite to repair or refinish your client’s property, there is an increased risk of causing bodily injury or property damage. Having a general liability policy that matches the potential risk and limits of your business can help you manage ongoing claims without slowing down your business.
  • Many construction and repair companies that contract out to third parties for specialty work such as drilling and blasting also require insurance minimums above federal or state requirements. Having excess liability insurance and being able to match company-specific limits can help make you a trusted third party for future jobs and give you access to a wider client base.

If you want to evaluate your current insurance policy and consider both the lower risks and increased opportunities that come with a larger general liability policy, contact Evolution Insurance Brokers here.


Rick J. Lindsey
Rick Lindsey

President, CEO and Chairman