Hot Air Balloons Need Insurance Too

As a responsible adult, you undoubtedly know you need various forms of insurance. Your car, so you can drive. Health insurance, so the IRS doesn’t come for you. Life insurance, so your loved ones are safe if anything happens to you. But here at Evolution Insurance Brokers, we insure the more obscure parts of life, like hot air balloons.

A hot air balloon costs about $40,000. It’s quite an investment piece. And according to Bristlebane Hot Air Ballooning, US pilots have an average accident rate of 33.62 accidents per every 100,000 hours of flying, most of which are caused by unpreventable circumstances.

When there’s nothing you can do to prevent a crash, your best method is to make sure you’re covered if and when a crash occurs.

Crashes cause serious damage to your hot air balloon. Many crashes involve injuries and some even death. Sometimes a crashes cause damage so extreme a hot air balloon has to be completely replaced. Repairs and replacement for a $40,000 hot air balloon aren’t pretty.

So if you’ll insure your $20,000 car, it only makes sense to insure your hot air balloon too.

We provide insurance solutions for balloon owners, pilots, and repair stations. No matter your role, we have a policy that will work with you.

Our staff members work one on one with the people we insure to come up with the best policy for every individual. We find coverage for businesses and individuals that cannot find coverage elsewhere. Check us out and learn more about our hot air balloons insurance. We’ve got you covered.

Rick J. Lindsey
Rick Lindsey

President, CEO and Chairman