Hot Air Balloon Insurance

Hot air balloon rides offer one of the most serene and enjoyable ways to experience the science of human flight. While people have been safely and successfully ballooning for over two centuries, as a sport that relies heavily on the weather, certain things are left to unpredictability. Along with going through the proper hot air balloon training and licensing, a responsible balloonist, or aeronaut, needs to make sure that they have a custom hot air balloon insurance plan that will cover all liabilities should an accident occur.

Almost all hot air balloon accidents and injuries are weather-related. No matter how attentive and prepared the aeronaut is, the weather will sometimes have a different plan in store. A sudden gust of wind can force a crash landing in an undesirable area or spur two balloons into a mid-air collision during the middle of a special event. These incidents commonly result in broken or sprained bones, and in extreme cases, fatalities have been reported as well. Whether you are considering to invest in a hot air balloon for personal pleasure, advertising, or to start a tour business, an air-tight hot air balloon liability plan is a must have before you get off the ground.

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Rick J. Lindsey
Rick Lindsey

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