Home Insurance After a Claim

The world of insurance keeps evolving as time ebbs on.  A very big change in the world insurance is finding home insurance after a claim.  With this ever changing insurance world finding a carrier that is willing to offer you coverage after a large claim can be like pulling a tree out with your bare hands…  It is pretty much impossible to find coverage.  Many of the homes by coastal areas can run into this problem and find a significantly difficult time to find home insurance.  Claims can definitely change the whole classification of a risk and many underwriters are not willing to offer coverage for them because they don’t fit in their specialized admitted box for offering coverage.

How does somebody that just had a horrific storm that caused damages, or a liability lawsuit because a person hurt their ankle in front of their house, or even a rough time with finding insurance because of pets go about finding insurance.  Many of these homeowners have already tried many avenues to be given the same answer over and over.  We can’t insure you because of your claims history, or your insurance history, or your home value, or any other of the many reasons that may be given.  Bottom line is that there is no coverage being offered.  How does somebody that has been denied coverage find this special type of insurance?

We here at Evolution Insurance Brokers are willing to offer insurance to anybody on their home regardless of claims history, insurance history, pets, protection class, or any other reason that has been given previously to those that are hopelessly searching for this type of insurance.  As the market continues shifting and more and more insurance carriers say “no” we will say yes and be able to help you with most dire of circumstances.  If you have had a claim and are non renewed, let us help you.  Home insurance after a claim can be extremely difficult to find, especially with a large claim, but we are still out here and are willing to help whoever is struggling.  Let me know if I can help.  Thanks for reading.

Rick J. Lindsey
Rick Lindsey

President, CEO and Chairman