High risk home Insurance

High risk home insurance is sometimes very hard to find in today’s insurance markets. It’s important that you find a carrier who has the experience to write high risk insurance. At Evolution Insurance Brokers we specialize in writing high risks and risks that nobody else wants to touch. Even though we are not a competitive market we enjoy writing tough risks. Some of the properties that fall into high risk home insurance are coastal properties, vacant or unoccupied properties, apartments or any other high risk properties. If you are a property owner and have a hard time finding insurance don’t waste any more time calling companies that will tell you no. Call me at Evolution Insurance Brokers and we will find a solution for your needs.


High risk home insurance can be frustrating especially if you are not familiar with insurance. No matter what type of property you own we can find options.  If you find yourself getting declined or have suffered with many claims we are the right fit for you. Many carriers have struggled covering wind, hail, or other disasters. We have covered many properties with wind and hail coverage only. We have insured properties in areas where insurance isn’t even possible.  Don’t take no for an answer call Evolution Insurance Brokers and let us work for you. Many standard market carriers are declining property risks just because of the condition of the property. If you current carrier declines you it may become harder to find insurance. There are several things that carriers look at when evaluating a property risk. Don’t let the condition of your property determine whether or not you can get insurance. Check all your options first and if no one else wants to help you than call me. Go with a company that has the experience is providing insurance to high risk homeowners.

Rick J. Lindsey
Rick Lindsey

President, CEO and Chairman