Helicopter Pilot Liability Insurance

Your experience and skill as a helicopter pilot provide a valuable career and an exciting hobby. But whether you fly for business, pleasure, or both, you expose yourself to significant legal liability. The same holds true for flight instructors, mechanics and ground crews. When incidents occur that involve loss or damage to aircraft, personal injury, or loss of life, lawyers will look for the slightest indication of personal liability, in their effort to maximize any court award.

In many instances, pilots, mechanics and crews are covered by their company’s minimum-limit, broad stroke insurance policies intended, primarily, to cover passengers and aircraft. But, as with most insurance policies, these generally have low coverage limits and coverage exclusions. So what happens when an incident result in a runaway jury verdict that far exceeds policy limits, or worse, is not covered by the policy at all? How do you pay for legal protection, and how do you protect your personal assets?

Whether you operate owned, non-owned or fractional aircraft, XINSURANCE policies are designed to address your coverage shortfalls. Think of it as supplemental insurance that protects you against the gaps, exclusions and limitations associated with your existing coverage. Best of all, since the coverage is supplemental, the premiums stay low and affordable – providing valuable peace of mind.



Rick J. Lindsey
Rick Lindsey

President, CEO and Chairman