Habitational Materials Business Protected Against Future Claims
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Is Your Habitational Materials Business Protected Against Future Claims for Your Current Products?

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Is Your Habitational Materials Business Protected Against Future Claims for Your Current Products?

More and more information is coming to light about the health ramifications of previously popular building materials. While the science and known information at the time of a job may support your use of industrial or habitational materials, that’s no guarantee of long-term viability. If you make goods for construction business or you manufacture prefab structures, make sure your business is protected both now and in the future with the right liability coverage.

What key elements of business insurance does your manufacturing company need?

  • Have products-completed operations coverage that protects your company from future claims for products you sell now. While this type of insurance can fall under general liability, some industrial chemicals fall outside of its general regulations, especially if you’re operating as a professional or in a specialized field. Whether there’s a claim against your product for a physical failure and damage or it’s later proven to cause bodily injury, this coverage can be specifically tailored to help your company address claims or provide settlements.
  • Make sure you have general liability to cover every aspect of your business. Every business needs a customized insurance policy because of the unique risks they face. For example, your business may need more products-completed operations coverage than professional liability coverage because you manufacture and sell habitational materials instead of advising on their use. But no matter what business you’re in, general liability helps fill the gaps so you can address suits about everything from false claims to property damage.

If you’re not satisfied with your current insurance coverage, go to Evolution Insurance Brokers for a quote. Protecting your business against general risks as well as increasingly likely claims is essential, and our agents are here to help.

Rick Lindsey
Rick Lindsey

President, CEO and Chairman