What Type of General Liability Insurance Does Your Fuel Tank Testing Business Have?

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What Type of General Liability Insurance Does Your Fuel Tank Testing Business Have?

Every test your company makes on underground tanks or auxiliary fuel storage has a dramatic impact on the business you’re performing the service for. If your testing equipment damages a customer’s tank or someone is injured on your commercial property, general liability insurance can help address those claims. These claims can happen both during and after performed services, so now is always a good time to review your insurance policy.

How does general liability insurance protect your company against past and future claims?

There are two general structures for general liability coverage: occurrence and claims-made. Occurrence liability coverage protects your company for incidents that occurred during the period of coverage; even if the claims are made after the coverage has lapsed or you have a new insurance provider, the incident is still covered. Claims-made insurance, on the other hand, can only apply to incidents that occur when both the incident and the claim were made during an applicable window of coverage. Having an experienced insurance agent review your current and past policies before any changes are vital to protecting your business from claims for past, present, and future incidents.

Depending on your previous insurance coverages, changes to your policy need to be carefully assessed so you don’t have any gaps in coverage. If one of your clients makes a third-party claim against your company regarding your services or an accident that takes place on your property or with your equipment, you need to be sure you have the right liability insurance in place. Go to Evolution Brokers Insurance here to find out more about what types of insurance coverage can best protect your company and assets.

Artisan Specialty Contractors: Our Services

When considering if you need liability insurance or not, you’re already answered your question. That’s because if you think you might need liability insurance, you likely do. If you’re running a business without liability insurance, you can face a wide range of issues in the future that could sink your business and leave your bank account empty. Thankfully, Evolution Insurance Brokers is here to help you understand your risks, help prevent them, and reimburse your claims honestly and fairly. Here are a few ways in which the Artisan Specialty Contractors at Evolution Brokers Insurance can support you, and if you’d like to visit our website to learn more about us, please do so at https://www.eibdirect.com/risk-class/artisan-specialty-contractors.

  • With an established history of over 30 years and a commitment to customer service, EIB is at the forefront of liability insurance. We’re here to keep your business and its assets safe in time of need.
  • As your trusted partner, we will provide you with the legal defense your skilled contractor business needs and we’ll cover any damages you face up to your coverage limit.
  • With no minimum premium requirements, we are ready to give you a quote with 48 hours, though expedited quote requests are honored as well.
  • More than just insurance brokers, we’re here to help you every step of the way. If you ever have any questions about the application process, coverage, or what it means to have liability insurance, we’ll gladly talk your call to guide you along.


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