Florida Rideshare Driver Insurance

Rideshare driving has revolutionized the transportation industry basically overnight. Florida ridesharing insurance is such a new concept that most drivers are unaware they are insured improperly. If you do rideshare driving for uber or lyft the coverage the companies supplies only coverages liability when you accept to when you end a ride. Any other time you and your insurance is responsible.

Three things every Ridershare Driver should know 

  • If you have standard personal auto insurance you have a huge gap in insurance coverage.
  • Stand personal auto insurance excludes rideshare driving.
  • Ridingsharing provided insurance excludes physical damage for your vehicle.Call today to get the coverage you need. We can quote and bind coverage over the phone. Call now to get in touch with our specialist.Parker LindseyPhone: (801) 304-5572Email: Parkerl@EIBdirect.com
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Rick J. Lindsey
Rick Lindsey

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